February 9, 2009

These are pictures that Gracie drew of Rick and I.   Awwwww.  Aren't they cute?

Yummo!!!  We celebrated Grandpa's 72nd birthday yesterday.  Grandma made lots of delish food.  Soups, smoked ham, veggie platter, dips, chicken salad (my fav.), and the Holy Crap cake as Feather called it.  It was a yummy  chocolate cake with caramel frosting and chocolate chips.  Too good is all I have to say.  So for the second Sunday in a row.....I bombed on my diet.  Weigh-in is tonight.  I'm prayin' hard!!!

It sure is gloomy today.  It started raining while I was in Gracie's classroom this morning.  I kindof like days like this when there isn't anything to do.  But of course....there is.  I have laundry crawling out of baskets.  

I am excited about our annual Valentine's dinner Friday night.  I've not planned out the meal, but I promise to make sure that the family will enjoy.  We always eat in the dining room.  I turn down the lights and bring out the candles.  I decorate the table with lots of hearts.  Sometimes I even play music in the background.  The kids always look forward to it.  I have to admit that I am too.

Ryan's basketball games were cancelled last Saturday.   They overbooked the court in Brookfield.  Not surprised, huh?  So Marty Rucker, Ryan's coach is talking about scheduling an extra game this week.  Hopefully in place of a practice.  Anyway.  Another week down, two more to go.  Cannot wait is not strong enough of a sentence.  I am truly hating basketball.  Rick gladly informed me this weekend that it will be three times worse next year.  He will play school ball then and will have many more games.  Awww gee, can't wait.  I hope that my hate of basketball changes.  I believe that I have lots and lots of it in my future.  

So...better get back to work.  Sitting down makes me sleepy.  I don't have time for sleepy today.  

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