February 28, 2009

Dad Is Retired From FORD

Dad cutting his cake

Grandpa Bob Sr., Dad and Great Uncle Tom

Dad with grandkids and my nieces and nephew, Chase Bowen, Kimber and Kara Wilson

Yesterday was a very important day for the Howe's.  We celebrated another retirement from the FORD plant.  My Grandpa (Bob Howe),  my Great Uncle (Tom Howe) and now my dad (Bob Howe Jr)..  My mom, Donna Howe, also worked there for 10 years.  Both my Aunt's, Pam Scott and Carolyn Howe worked there for 89 days (as  Carolyn told me yesterday), and my cousin, Nathan Henry worked there many years before he died in an accident several years ago.  

So, as you can see, the plant runs deep in the family.   Some of them have a love/hate relationship with the place.  Others just have a hate relationship.  Either way, it provided well for our family many years.  It gave us a home and food on the table.  For that reason, I am thankful.  

Dad started working at FORD in 1977.  Since I was born in 1975, I have no memory of him not being there.  For as long as I could remember, Dad has worked at FORD.  He held many positions during his employment.  Most I couldn't name.  He worked nights for many years.   I remember one year Dad got his profit sharing check.  Mom and Dad decided to let us kids go to Walmart and buy something.  I was so excited.  I remember Dad always getting a week off in July/August for model change and a week off in December.  

I am proud of him.  That is a long time to stay in one place.  Especially one as tough as there.  

So, I have a surprise to post tomorrow.  Can't wait to tell you!  
Check in.

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