February 15, 2009

It gives me a pit in my stomach when one of the kids wake us up in the middle of the night.    That is what happened last night.  Poor lil' Ian.  He started vomiting around 1:00 a.m..  He was upset because he vomited in his bed.  We told him to go to the spare room to sleep.  We planned on cleaning up in the morning.  Well that didn't last long.  A hour later, he vomited in the other bed.  We were forced to get up and wash sheets.  Rick started striping the beds while I cleaned carpets.  Gross, gross, beyond gross is all that I can say.  It took everything that I had not to lose it myself.  We were steam cleaning the carpets at 4:00 a.m..  I went to bed around 4:30 and just layed there.  The cat wouldn't quit purring.  I was too lazy to get up and kick him out.  So, needless to say at 6:00 a.m., when Ian started vomiting again, I hadn't been back to sleep.  Right now, I'm running on fumes.  

Rick and Ryan went to the city (something we were all supposed to do together), while Gracie, Ian and I stayed home.  I'm trying my hardest to keep Grace away from Ian.  I just don't want to be sick again like I was last month.   That was so miserable.  It's worse having the kids sick.  I just feel terrible for them.  Ian isn't vomiting any more, but he looks pale and weak.  He has only ate two pieces of sugar toast all day.  If you know Ian at all, you know that isn't much.

I kicked into full gear this morning with laundry.  Two beds to clean is no easy chore.  Plus I, like always, have mounds of laundry to do besides.  I put a big dent in it but I'm no where near done.

I did however, get some Easter cards made.  I'm ready to bring some Spring into my life.  I love the pastels.  I made nearly 20 of the same cards.  The only difference in them was the color of cardstock.  I may post them tomorrow.  Just don't have the energy to do it today.

Gracie is officially done with basketball.  They won every game, except the last one.  Gracie had no clue and I wasn't about to tell her.  She is so oblivious to things like that.  Like her mommy, she is non-competitive.  Ian's team played two games in Brookfield, MO.  They won their first one and lost their second.  Ryan's game.  OUCCHH!!  They lost, pretty badly.  It was an older team, who hustled.  Someday they will get them.

Our official Valentine's Day was uneventful because of basketball.  Like I mentioned in my last post, our Valentine's Day was Friday night.  Ryan went to the movies with a group of friends.  They watched Pink Panther 2.  This was the first time we let him do something like this.   If Ian is better tomorrow, I would love to take them to see Coraline.  

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