February 6, 2009

Today....was a great day.  

1.  I was super-duper worried about our taxes.  That turned out well.  Yeah!!!  We get a refund!!!   

2.  I lost weight this morning.  I hadn't stepped on the scales in a few days because I was afraid that I gained.  Yippee!  I even wore a pair of pants that I haven't been able to in a while today.  Now I'm not dreading Weight Watchers so much Monday.

3.  I got to eat lunch with Rick today at Applebee's.

4.  I came home and made cards and scrapbooked.

5.  I took a nap.

6.  Gracie's grade card was perfect.  I mean that very literally.  There is nothing that she needs to improve on.  So proud of her.  Mrs. Gutshall said "Gracie is a super student!"

7.  I think that I'm going to watch a movie this evening.  Rick is in the E.R. .  Not much else that I need to do.

8.  AHHHHH!  I love days like these.

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