February 24, 2009

This is how I woke up this morning......

Gracie:  "sigh, moooommmm, I want a flip pony-tail."  

Me: " Hunny, I'm not sure that we have time."  You wouldn't get out of bed.....remember?"


Mom: "Okay"

Gracie: "gasp, I'm going to look soooo cute."

I took the kids to school this morning because I had a tanning appointment at 9:00.  I'm beginning to bake myself.  Slowly.  But boy is it relaxing.   So, I had a little time between dropping off the kids and the appt..  So, where do you go?  Wal-mart.  Of course.  Where else?

I bought several things that I probably could live without.  Cat litter, milk, soap, bread, canned tomatoes.  Aww, just kidding.  I might need the tomatoes. 

I came home.  Surfed the net.  Switched laundry.  Made Dad's retirement card.  (which I will show after tomorrow), made yummy chocolate chip muffins (that I cannot eat), vacuumed the house, and showered.         BORING!!!

Thanks for checking in.  Hopefully I will write something more substantial tomorrow.