February 23, 2009

This is a horse......of course.  Gracie's fav. animal. 

LEFT: Self-portrait of Gracie.  She even included her pink winter coat.  How clever!!

RIGHT: Mr. Snowman.  Bright and colorful!!!

doo ta doo......

I just downed a Slim-Fast optima in like, three minutes.  Maybe less, I didn't keep track.  I know that it was quick though.  It says on the can that it "controls hunger up to 4 HOURS".  We'll see, huh?  Weigh-in is tonight.  Scareeeeee!

So, what has happened since I last wrote.  

1. Rick worked in the er last weekend.  Although he was home at night.  That makes it better for me but I know the driving has to stink for him.

2. We finished bball.  Yessss!  Ian's team lost.  Ryan's team won one, lost one.  I tried to tape them all for Rick, but the battery died during the 3rd quarter of Ryan's first game.  Sorry Rick.

3. We watched the Oscars.  Man I wish that I could wear those dresses.  Simply gorgeous!!!  I didn't see many movies this year so I wasn't really pulling for any.  I did watch "The Dark Knight".  Loved it!!  So glad that Health Ledger won best supporting actor.

4. Cleaned the house yesterday.  

5. Hummmm, that about does it.

So I thought that I would upload a few of Gracie's school art-work.  I think they are so cute.  I wish that I could frame them all.

I am very frustrated about how it is saving my posts.  When I'm composing the post, it shows it one way.  Then when I save the post, it changes.  So, once again, the labels on Gracie's pictures are transposed.  Sorry.

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