February 5, 2009

I've been in a foul mood today.  I woke up grumpy.  Now it's nearly bedtime and I'm still grumpy.  I hate feeling that way.  It really gets to me.  I think part of the reason is that we are never home as a family in the evenings anymore.  I'm going one way with one or two kids, Rick goes another.  It makes me feel lonely.  Soooo, I'm looking forward to basketball ending.   Not too much longer.  
I scoured the house today.  Even the basement and kids rooms.   Rick has to work AGAIN tomorrow night in the ER.  So my hope is to do something for myself.  Maybe scrapbook, make cards, read, or take a little siesta.  Just whatever I want.  That will feel so good and maybe it will perk me up.  

Rick is going to Brookfield tomorrow to get our taxes done.  I worked really hard at getting them organized throughout the year.  Rick complimented me and that made me happy.  I am always nervous that I'm going to mess up our money somehow.  I know that I should go with him, but I just can't.  Something about taxes makes me want to flip out.  My heart starts racing, my palms sweat, and I get light-headed.  I think I will let him handle it.  I will be anxious to hear to end numbers though.  I think?

I'm trying to grow some flowers and herbs from seeds.  Right after Christmas I grew an amarylis.  It has just begun to bloom and I am enjoying it so much.  I am anxious to see if I can produce anything out of this.  I plan on taking pictures of their growth.   Anywhoo...all this growing sure has gotten me in the mood for Spring.  I just hate Winter.  The older I get, the worse I hate it.  I used to like the cold until Christmas.  Then I immediately wanted it to be over.  Now I think that I live in the wrong state completely because I started cursing winter in November.   Bummer, I think that the groundhog saw his shadow the other day.  Six more weeks of winter.  I don't think I can handle it.  I may need to get some UV's at the tanning bed.  Hummm, that sounds wonderful.  

Reminder: buy tanning sessions tomorrow.  

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