August 3, 2009

Guitar Hero's and Fruity Drinks

By this time tomorrow, I will be laying on a beach like this. Beaches make my heart happy. Beaches make me smile.....BIG SMILES :) We will fly to a resort in Mexico called "Dreams". It's in Porta Vallarta. Google it and check it out. We typed it in on Google Earth and we weren't disappointed. Ahhhhhhh!!! Pure bliss!!!!

My list of things to do while in Mexico...

1. I plan on getting a "sick" tan. Not a bad "sick". The new "sick" that all the kids say nowadays. For instance.......That sports car is sick. Before the adults stick your noses in the air, think of what your parents thought when you first said "cool".

2. I plan on parasailing. I am only doing this because my dear friend, Nancy, needs some moral support. I wonder if they have a tandem parasailing. Gotta love you Nancy.
I'm hoping to knock two things off my bucket list by doing this. One, parasailing. (Apparently flying over the Royal Gorge didn't count.) Two, seeing a shark in the wild.

3. I might do a little shopping. I can usually work it in. I am bringing back two bottles of Mexican vanilla for my friend, Renee Jones. (glad she didn't ask me to bring back tequila :) Heck, Mexican vanilla might be tequila, for all I know. Gotta love you too, Renee.

4. I will consume many "fruity drinks". I'm not planning on making any certain one my favorite. I will try them ALL!

5. I plan on NOT making a fool of myself from drinking all the "fruity drinks".

6. I plan on taking many dips in the ocean. Rick and I found a place last night where you could rent a "water tricycle". I said, "that would be fun". He said, "Until you tipped over". True, very true, my love.

7. I plan on eating lots of delish food.

8. I plan on taking gazillions of pictures so I can share them with you.

9. I plan on reading a good book.


Last Friday we headed to KS for Ian's guitar contest. It's called M.A.M.A. (Mid America Music Association). Ian played his solo at 8:10 a.m., then his duet was at 3:55 p.m. with Brett Clark. Mrs Stark suggested that they dress alike. They played, "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" and "Walking in the Clouds". For some reason the association will not let anyone go in for the solo. This made "the momma" nervous. Not that I could have done anything had I been able to join him. They all did well and I was proud. Hopefully we will have the results soon. I will keep you posted.

Rockin' before the duet

Jammin' before the solo

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  1. I love your blog! You've inspired me to start again. I just posted my 3rd post in 2009. So sad. Have a great trip!