August 26, 2009

Flowers to cheer you up

In June Rick signed 20+ acres into C.R.P. (conservation reserve program). Most country folks will know what this means. But the city slickers will be scratching their heads. If you are curious, click here.

This particular program is for quail. We planted two large patches of blackberry bushes (so they have something to munch on). Then planted two very long strips of sunflowers (so they would have something pretty to look at? I'm not sure what the purpose of the sunflowers were. You will have to ask Rick.)

I was doing a little mowing the other day and noticed, from a distance, they were blooming. Upon further inspection, discovered that they were GORGEOUS!!!!!!! My-oh-my!! Be still my heart!

Have you ever seen thousands and thousands of sunflowers in one patch? If you have, then you understand. If not, I'm so sorry. Sunflowers aren't even my favorite flower and it was still breathtaking to me.

I'm planning on rounding up the monkeys and taking their pictures in them. The boys will LOVE this idea, not!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Is it true that as the sun sets they too bow their heads--as though in prayer? We probably have much to learn from the sunflowers.