August 17, 2009

Missouri State Fair

As I'm typing, buckets of rain are falling from the sky. Rick called this morning to tell me that Z highway south is closed. Great!! How am I going to get these monkeys to all our appointments today? I may be taking the loooonnngg way around. Don't let me kid you. I enjoy a good thunderstorm. Especially at dusk when we all sit on the front porch and watch the lightning. Those are fun times!!!! Last night, however, it rocked our house, knocked out the power, and scared the little monkey (a.k.a. Gracie).

We took a day trip to the Missouri State Fair. I felt like pooey thanks to the cold I caught while at the river. I tried to be a trooper and not complain too much. AAAAAA-CHOOOOO! sniffle sniffle, cough.

I haven't carried my good camera in a while. It's so cumbersome when traveling and walking a bunch. I'll be glad to snap some pictures with it soon though. I sure miss the quality of them over our little point-n-shoot. I will probably have it with me when Gracie and I go to meet her new teacher tonight. Her name is Mrs. Scott. SOOO EXCITED!
Ian and Gracie liked scratchin' the pigs. I was a little afraid that one would bite their finger off. We came home with all their digits!!!
These Hampshire wethers were awfully lovey-dovey. They nibbled, kissed, and nudged all three of the kiddos.
This ALMOST makes me want sheep again. Temporary moments of insanity.
Got yer' ear!!!!!
So stinkin' cute!!!!
So stinkin' funny!!!!
So stinkin' mean!!!!! (not Ryan, the GOOSE!!)
Gracie enjoyed a pleasant conversation with Mr. Roboto. He sang, "Amazing Gracie".
Then they posed for a picture.

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