August 26, 2009


A week ago tomorrow, a wee little dog appeared in our driveway. I felt bad and couldn't resist be-friending her. I brought her in the house. Fed and watered her. I never wanted the dog. But I was fond of her. She appeared to have been beaten and starving. So sad:(
We have asked many, many people and no one seems to want a puppy. What do you do? Hopefully she doesn't stay here. However, she has a collar and a name now. Humm? Does that mean this is her new home? Looks that way.

Those that know me understand that I like things nice and tidy. It is on the verge of a sickness actually. Yet, I allow myself one room to go crazy in. I clutter, create, cut, sew, and write in this room. It is suitably named, "my craft room". Clever, huh? Rick built this room for me with his own two hands. This is one of the reasons that I love being in there. It is my retreat that I can escape to when I have a little extra time, I'm stressed or I just feel extra creative.
My problem is that I sometimes lose myself in all the clutter. I mean that in a very literal way. If I had a heart attack while in this room. You might as well start picking funeral songs because you would never find me.
I decided that enough was enough. I had to clean this fire hazzard. I dusted the shelves and purged my supplies. I sorted and filed and rearranged. Ahhhh, it feels so much better.

I use my table to store my Big Shot and inks. I rarely sit while scrapping.
We had these cabinets made especially for this room. The bases store albums and photos. The shelves store my supplies.
This is where I stand to work. My fav. spot in the room.
More supplies and magazines that I subscribe to.

This is my Daddy. He is also known as....Howie, Bobby Dale, Junior among others. Well today is his 54th birthday!!! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!!!

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