August 17, 2009

In my opinion..........

My philosophy on life

1. Cheese and/or ketchup can make nearly anything taste good. (one exception might be cereal. Although I've never tried it and it doesn't sound that bad)

2. Your favorite books should be read more than once. Three or four times is even acceptable.

3. Hair does not belong on a woman's face except on her lashes and brows. (you should have two brows, not one. This tip goes for men also.)

4. You should have one creative thought a day.

5. The prettier the flower, the shorter they last.

6. The Devil himself, invented the bikini.

7. A wedding ring should mean something to you. A simple wedding band or a 4 ct. paperweight. If it is on your left hand ring finger, it signifies a covenant.
This is my second wedding ring. Rick handpicked this for me when my first ring's solitaire was switched by a "chain jeweler". I love that he chose each stone in this ring.
He didn't just point to one in the case. My man knows diamonds.

8. Do not get Santa Claus and Jesus mixed up at Christmas time. There is only one savior, and it isn't a jolly ole' man in a red suit.

9. Take your children on vacations. They will probably forget what you bought them last year. They won't forget your trips together.

10. Life can be different if you choose, but not if you keep putting if off until tomorrow.

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