August 14, 2009

River Rats

Date: August 12-13th, 2009
Place: Elk River in Anderson, MO
For: Family fun
What: Floating in tubes, snorkeling, catching turtles, jumping off large boulders, campfire stories with smores!!!!!!
Mr. Mini Me. Doing the back float.
Leanna and Macy listening to Little Bunny Foo-foo. As told by the master, Uncle Mike.
Heather is preparing herself for a backward press. She assumes the position on the end of the rock with her back to the water. She will initiate the backward press starting with the arms stretched into a "T" position. Hehe.....just kidding
Trey, you are always so adorable. However, in this picture, you sort of look like a monkey.
Macy and Gracie "pretend sleeping" on the picnic table. We decided that Josh and Leanna need to name their next baby Tracy or Lacy or Casey. That way we REALLY get mixed up when calling the girls.
Nater, you are sooooo strong. (and cute too)
Uncle Mike gave his rendition of "Little Bunny Foo-foo." Humm???? In case you are wondering, he isn't bopping them on the head too hard. hehe.
Ian jumping off the rock we coined, "the big rock". I could always get a clear photograph of everyone else jumping. Poor Ian though, always had a blurry finish. (Ian, it's because you were lightning quick!!! Don't tell anyone else!)
Uncle Mike and Gracie flyin' high!!!!
The boys would call out strange things as they were jumping. Cowabunga, I like tacos, stuff like that.
I wish I were a fish, a swishin' in the water. I'd do the things I wanted to, and not the things I ought-er.

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