August 28, 2009

Burnt toast

This picture sums up the day.

I made a wonderful dinner the other day. Salmon, whole wheat pasta, corn, and burnt toast.

You see, burnt toast happens sometimes. You get busy and forget. Then you notice a putrid smell coming from the oven. (you suddenly panic) Oh, crap, the bread!!! You frantically grab the pot holder and open the door. (with a scowl on your face) you cough, because of the smoke, and pull out the charred toast. No matter what level of culinary expertise you have, we've all burnt toast!!!

So, I ran the pan out to the deck. It was still smoking and I didn't want it to trip the alarms. Well, guess what. The pan was forgotten. I woke up the next morning and noticed it. Sitting in the same spot I left it the night before. I went out to get it and upon further inspection noticed we were missing five pieces of bread. Hummm....interesting? I guarantee that the kids didn't eat it. My imagination is going wild. I don't do varmits people!!!!!

I have another "burnt" story to tell before it gets locked in the lost memories vault.
It was our first Christmas Eve in this house after we built. Rick's parents came over for dinner and to attend church service with us. It was a nasty day. I can't remember the weather exactly but I believe it was raining. Rick was making his famous steaks on the grill. I'm not a beef lover, but my-oh-my, these are delish! Our basement was unfinished at that time. To avoid the weather, Rick pulled the gas grill INTO THE BASEMENT!!! I was busy putting the finishing touches on the side dishes when our smoke alarms all go off. Our house has an "echo problem" (because of hard wood floors and high ceilings). The alarms were piercing our ears!!!! We didn't know how to fix it and we didn't want to miss church. So we ate our dinner while the alarms went off. We couldn't hear each other. That didn't matter though because you couldn't even hear yourself think. It's probably a good thing that we didn't talk because I wasn't a happy camper. Rick's parents got a chuckle out of it.

Memories are special aren't they. I'm so glad that we have them, because that is a good belly laugh now. Why is it that I can remember stuff like that, but I can't remember something from yesterday? My brain is fried I tell ya.

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  1. I don't think your brain is fried. Maybe it's just a little burnt around the edges. :o)