August 20, 2009

Random picture for a random day

Gus has been a little devilish lately. He has discovered that tormenting the kitties is super-duper fun. When Gus is around, the cats live in high places. (which are usually places that they are not allowed). He understands his limits. By nature, Gus does not have the ability to jump where "normal" dogs can. He is (what's the word), "big-boned. So he simply acts as though he is going to jump, which totally freaks the kitties out. You see, they don't understand that he has no intention of actually jumping. In their minds, they are one jump away from Gus' lunch. Little do they know, that all he wants to do is play. I can almost read his little mind. (In a husky, bulldog voice) "Come on, play with me. What's the matter? Why are you running? Wow, your hissing at me. Does that mean that I'm supposed to bark?" Poor Gus...... and poor kitties.
This picture was taken before Gus entered the room. See how relaxed Congo can be. He is in kitty heaven. I believe that this kitty understands much more than we give him credit for.When Rick and I left for Mexico, I swear he knew it! I could be wrong but boy-o-boy did it seem like he knew. He also has a strange, stalker sort of love for me. I might be frightened if I understood the magnitude of it. I'm hoping that it is a "mommy" type love. Although sometimes it feels more like the Peppe Le Pew "obsessed" kind of love.

This is a random picture of a butterfly. I snapped it while taking Guster potty.

and..... this is Guster, after he went potty. See how innocent he looks? He doesn't mean any harm.
In all the excitement of the first day of school. I forgot to post a picture of Gracie at the "Meet the Teacher" night. Her backpack is about to explode from all the supplies she needed to bring. Crayons, pencils, notebooks, folders, sharpies, kleenex, ziploc bags......well, you get the idea.

Well that is probably more randomness than you can stand. I am preparing myself for the first "full" day of school. Yesterday FLEW by!!!!!!

You might be proud to know that I completely and utterly scoured my master bath yesterday. That is the last bit of randomness before I go make my morning coffee.


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