August 24, 2009

I {heart} mushrooms

Raise your hand if you LOVE mushrooms!!!!
For those of you that did, MEEE TOOO!
For those that didn't. Well, I don't know how to feel about that!

I found these beauties in my back yard yesterday. They just popped up overnight. How does that happen? Seriously!!! Mushrooms and dandelions. Simply amazing!!

I thought that I would show you the mammoth size of these by placing Gracie's hands around them. Wowser!! I love to eat mushrooms but you cannot eat these babies. Well, unless you want to be very very sick! I think that they instead would be a lovely temporary home for a fairy.

My favorite mushrooms are morels. Every Spring my family would hunt them. Those are special memories. We would soak them in a salt mixture to kill the bugs. Then coat them in flour and fry them in oil. Oh my. I'm hungry thinking about it.

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