August 10, 2009

Porta Vallarta, Mexico

What a marvelous, relaxing five days. Whew!
It sure went by fast!
Why is that?
When I'm scrubbing toilets or folding socks, time doesn't go fast. It just isn't fair. If I was magic, I would have waved my hand and slowed it down.
Since I cannot do that, I'm so glad that I have the gazillion pictures that I promised you.

I'm not sure why, but the pictures downloaded in a strange order. They aren't in sequence. So it may feel like I'm bumpin' and a' jumpin'. I think that you will get the picture.

I am attempting my first drive on the ocean. So much fun. It was a 40+ minute drive from Yelapa to our beach. I felt like I was an expert by the time we arrived.
Our second morning in Mexico......whoa.....wait. Let me back this up a little. Our first morning in Mexico, we were lying on the beach. Full bellies from a super breakfast. I just opened my book to read a little before taking a siesta. When along came a "local". You can spot a local from a mile away. Their skin makes mine look like the inside of an oreo, while theirs is the outside. They visit the beach often and try to sell their wares. Blankets, silver jewelry, wind chimes........ Basically, if they can make it, they will sell it.
OK, back to the "local". He was, I later found out, in his 50's. He was selling boat tours, (fishing, snorkeling, basically anything that we wanted to do) for $50.00 an hour. When he approached, I felt myself doing the same thing that I did a hundred times during this vacation, I tensed up and wanted him to leave. It sure is hard to rest on a beach in Mexico.
The fishing, however, perked Rick's ears up. He started talking to him. The more I listened to their conversation, the more I liked this man. We decided to rent his boat the following day.
I'm so glad that we did!!!!!

Lots of different types of birds. Our poor Missouri birds wouldn't last a day around these beasts. They could swallow a robin whole.
This little lizard somehow entered Rick and my room one night. I was afraid that it would get in my bed while I was sleeping. We called management. After a hour and a half of Rick pestering them, they FINALLY came.
David and Nancy were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on this trip.

My man

We flew from KCI to Houston, then Houston to Puerto Vallarta. It was the same coming home, just opposite.
Like I said, this is really out of order. We were actually preparing to head to the airport right after this picture. We all wanted a few "last minute" purchases before we headed home. This is the entrance to the flea market.

Our taxi rides were nothing less than thrill rides. Jeez.....these people are crazy. I said a few prayers while at their mercy.
Our dinners each night were "fancy". At least they were to us country bumpkins. People laughed at us because we took pictures of our food.
It made me think of when Dad took pictures of his steaks. We all made fun of him. Humm!
A wedding was set up on the beach. Because of a thunderstorm, they had to move it indoors. I really felt bad for them. What a bummer!!!!
It was only a 7 minutes ride but I sure enjoyed it. It wasn't as scary as I thought it might be. I was probably more scared about the things that I needed to do upon landing than the actual ride. They needed me to pull a certain strap right or left. All depending on how the wind was carrying me. I didn't see a shark, however, I did see a sea turtle. If you remember, that was on my bucket list also.

Yelapa, Mexico. You need to check out this link. It is about a boy's trip to Yelapa with his dad. Many of the things they did, we did. The waterfall pictures made me feel like I was there again.
We befriended a dog while in Yelapa. I should probably rephrase that. I made a friend while in Yelapa. He was a cutie-pie. We named him Jake. After I gave him a little love, he followed us the remainder of the trip. He even swam through a creek to get to us.
This is Yelapa. It was so dirty and primitive. Until recently, they didn't even have electricity. There is no way to get there except by boat. I cringed because of the filth the entire time. But it was there that I had the most fun. I LOVE YELAPA!!!
Nancy and I were enjoying this little girl on the beach. No one was watching this child!! It really made us nervous. The closest adults to her were two fisherman. I don't think they glanced her way the entire time we were near her. UGGGHHH!! She sure was a happy little thing. Barely able to walk. I would guess that she was just over a year old. I laughed to myself, Winnie the Pooh has found Yelapa too.
They use the palm branches as thatching for their roofs.
This is a glance into one of Yelapa's streets. Chewy lead us down the them like it was his home. He was divorced and had three grown children and four small granddaughters. His real name is Jesus, but he said that no one called him that. He took us to a little restaurant in Yelapa and ordered us a shot of moonshine. It isn't legal there because you cannot tax it. So it was done under the counter. All four of us took a taste, then we nearly gagged. Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff! We all agreed it tasted like gasoline. Very strong!!! We can now all say that we have tasted moonshine. I will never be able to watch Andy Griffith in the same way again.

THIS, my friend, was pure happiness!!!! I was the first to get into the cool pool. Some things you might regret. This, I didn't. I was my temporary fountain of youth. (ahem....maybe I should have stayed in there longer.)

Rick reeled in a needle fish. Chewy and the other guide (who I will call "nameless"), said they will use this as bait for bigger fish. Very smart!!!!
Our first stop in the boat was a little snorkeling. It was nice. I can't say that it was the best snorkeling that we have ever done, but I enjoyed. We saw only two types of fish. The smaller fish were colorful and the big ones were black and bright yellow. The bigger ones were the size of a dinner plate.

We were near these enormous rocks while snorkeling. Many of them had the center burrowed out. Almost like a cave. Crabs found homes on the inside walls.

We went to the market in Puerto Vallarta one afternoon. It was hotter than blue blazes. When you squeeze yourselves into the tiny shops (with no ventilation, I might add) it doubles in temperature. Needless to say, we were a little hot!!!!! It's hard for me to "bargain". Rick is much better at it. I left all the final purchases to him.
In the picture above a man is chopping the top off of a coconut. They pour liquer into the coconut milk and give you a straw. I'm not especially fond of coconut, so I didn't try it.

Every time Rick tried on a mask, I would think of the boys saying, "Don't you know I've had the diarrhea since Easters?"
Simply beautiful and God breathed.

Every night they had a show. This night it was fire dancing. This man playing the harp opened the show.

day one: fire dancing
day two: circus (mostly juggling and acrobats)
day three: Mexican dancing (by far, the best show of our trip)
day four: was supposed to be rock n' roll. It was cancelled due to the weather.

A beautiful sunset for a beautiful trip. We had a wonderful time with David and Nancy. I'm thankful that they wanted us to share their special trip.
We all made wonderful memories. I know that I will never forget.

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