March 17, 2009


Congo's expression is how I feel today.....annoyed!!

I am cranky, tired and just plain frustrated.  I have been struggling with a condition that I have (I.B.S.) since Thursday afternoon.  It started at Ian's book fair with strong stomach pains.  I had a similar episode a month or more ago that I thought would be my end.  I was scared that it would worsen.  My only relief was to get into a hot, hot bath.  Well, I thought that since heat was my friend, I would get out the heat pad.  Nope, not the same result.  The pain became so intense that I asked Rick for a Demerol that I got for a dental surgery a year and a half ago.  Needless to say, even the pain medicine didn't help.  I slept sporadically that night.  Woke up the next morning and thought that I was going to pass out.  I was nauseous and in intense pain.  Rick started to wonder if it wasn't I.B.S..  He took me to work with him.  Ran some tests and determined that it wasn't kidney stones. (which is what we both thought).  He had given me another Demerol and a shot in the hiney for pain before we left, so I was woozy and in intense pain.  I crashed on the couch in his spare lounge.  I don't remember when I woke up.  Sometime before noon, and drove myself home.  (not smart, but I managed).  I slept most of the day.   Pain medicine makes me super tired.  I only felt pain when I walked or sat down.  So, that whole day,  I laid on the couch.  Sounds fun unless you have to be there.  Saturday I started to feel much better.  Especially towards that evening.  I went to D.R.'s birthday bash and had a great time.  Sunday was the same.  Still felt much better, just not great yet.  Without getting into details (because I wouldn't want you to know), things weren't moving.  This is normal for me since I live with I.B.S..  So I stopped and bought my normal treatments.  (again, you wouldn't want to know, and I'm not too keen on telling you).  Doesn't matter, they didn't work.  I sent Rick a text yesterday during the day and told him to bring home the "hard" stuff.  Boy did he.  It's called LACTULOSE.  The normal dose is 3 tsp., Rick brought home 8.  It was terrible, but I swigged it.  Around 9:00 p.m. I started to feel rumbling and grumbling.  Needless to say, I was up all night in pain.  I slept on the couch.  Slept is really not the appropriate word.  Tossed, moaned, groaned, cursed is more like it.  Still, not the result that we wanted.  Rick suggested that I go to the office today and get X-rays.  I may.  I wish that I didn't have to suffer with this.  It seems that the older I get, the worse that it gets.  I've had it since the day I was born.  Every since I can remember, I've battled it.  Usually it is triggered by certain foods, hormonal changes, and stress.  But mostly foods.  So, I've joined the club.  You know, that annoying club of people who talk about their B.M.'s.  Mostly older folk.  Hey, I'm the young one. Yippee.

So, if your reading this, I'm sorry.  It's what is happening to me and that is what this blog is about, right.  

Anywhoo, on to other things.  
Rick and I are preparing to go to San Antonio.  We leave bright and early Thursday morning.  I did most of the laundry yesterday and lots of cleaning.  Gus even got a much needed bath last night.  I don't want to go down a rabbit trail, however, I've never seen a dog love baths so much.  Funny, funny, funny.  Ironing is on the agenda today.   So I better hop to while I can.  

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