March 31, 2009

Here are some pictures of our class reunion Saturday.  It was such bad luck that we had a March blizzard that day.  Only a few of us made it.  Bummer!!  I must say that I am disappointed in the local Hamilton-ites that didn't come.  Seriously.  Some of you could have walked there.  You are on my list!!!!
Left to Right:  Wendy, Me, Shawn, JoNell, Missy, Brandy, Cody, Dina, and Jennifer
Thanks so much to Dina for pulling all this together.  I truly appreciate it.  I loved seeing all of you!!!
Cousins and classmates, Dina and Jennifer
Cody and Shawn: BFF's 
My favorite picture.  Wendy, JoNell, Me and Missy.  We were such a small class that we all HAD to be friends.  I felt like the bell just rung and I was heading to anatomy when I saw these girls.  They will always have a special place in my heart.  Even though I'm not the best at keeping in touch.

OK, now on to today.....
IIIII...Neeeeeed....Cooofffeeeee....soooonn!!!!  Actually it is brewing.  I can smell it and my taste buds are SHOUTING!!  For some reason (coughing under my breath....Congo the cat) I didn't sleep well last night.  Every since we added Gus Bus to the family, Congo has felt a little short changed.  So he is either trying to catch-up on his much needed attention, or he is punishing me for bringing the fat dog home.  Not sure which.  I will let you know when he decides to tell me.  I do know that it is hard to breathe with a fur ball ON your face, then licking your face, then purring like an old Harley Davidson.  Gonna have to lock the kitty out of the room for a few days.  That is exactly what I did last night after three hours of torture.  O' kitty!!!

I think I have mentioned this in another post but Ryan is in track and baseball now.  I feel like I am running myself ragged.  I have to pick him up every evening at 5:00.  He seems to love it though.  He placed second on the mile.  That boy ran the mile in 6 minutes and 3 seconds.  It takes me twice that long.  (that is, if I could accomplish it at all).  The coaches are wanting him to hurdle.  I don't want him to.  Since Rick doesn't agree with me, and neither does Ry, I'm sure that I won't win.  I just don't want him hurting his knees.  

All the kids are getting ready for MAP testing.  Please don't get me on my soap box.  MAP tests leave bad tastes in my mouth.  I understand their relevance, but PLEEASEE!  They start prepping these kids in Kindergarten for these things.  I don't think they begin taking them until third grade.  Anyway....MAP tests usually mean that school is winding down.  99% of me is excited about that.  I look forward to no 6:30 alarm clock and no bedtime.  I also look forward to more outside time.  Gardening, walks, and baseball games.  I don't look forward to I'm telling...... MMMOOOOOMMM!!  and empty cabinets because my kids are vultures!!  

Rick's cousin, Fred, had heart bypass while we were in San Antonio.  They are hoping to release him from the hospital this week.  Please pray for them if you can.  His wife, Carolyn has a type of brain cancer.  She is undergoing her second batch of chemo.  They found out recently the last batch didn't work and it has spread.  They are just going through so much and they are probably the sweetest people I know.  (besides, they are so young.  60's maybe?)  

I thought that I would end today with a picture that Gracie made at school.  You may have to click on the picture to read what she wrote.  I was rolling when I saw it.  That girl is a mini of her mommy.  
Gracie, if mommy was a rock, I would be a diamond too!
The next week, she wrote another paper about diamonds.  Man, I feel sorry for her future husband.  She is going to be high maintenance.  

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