March 12, 2009

O.M. GOODNESS.   I just found Gus in the litter box.  I could hear him in there.  I thought he was probably eating the cat's food.  BUT NO....he was eating the $%#@.  Dude, the food was right there.  Why?  Only my dog would turn down Science Diet Kitten for turd.  (I can't believe that I just wrote that!)  Dogs are so weird.  Sometimes I think that they look at you like this dog below is.  
Gus speaking: "Hey, I'm going to hop in the shower with the mom.  Pretend to lick the bottom the water.  Hummm!!!  Interesting!!!" 


Note to self.....Angus needs a bath today.  Wash his mouth out with bleach while he's in the tub.  Also, don't let him lick you for a week (at least).

Tonight is literacy night at Central.  Ian is pumped up about going.  That is all that I've heard about from him.  "Mom, are we going to eat there?", Mom, are we going to the book fair while we are there?", Mom,  you get to watch a movie!" Mom, mom, mom.  So needless to say, with this much build-up, we will definately be there!  I also have soroity tonight.  Not sure how I'm going to manage both.  I'm sure that I will figure it out.  

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