March 26, 2009

This was my view on our first flight home.  We left TX at 3:30, then we lay ed-over in Memphis. I love the excitement of leaving for a trip.  Even the airplane ride.  You're not sure what the trip has in store for you.  What are you going to do?  What will you think of the destination?  What will we be bringing home with you?  All the anticipation has finally come to pass and you are on your way. 
Coming home is different.  It's tiring and frustrating.  You are worn out from all the things you did while you were gone.  You have a sense of let-down because it is over and you no longer have it to look forward to.  Besides all the work that faces you when you're home.  It's just simply.... not as exciting (and maybe even a little sad).  I missed my kiddos SOOOO badly though and I nearly bawled when I talked to Ian before we got in the car at KCI.  I could tell that he missed us to.  It nearly killed me.  But we will stick a pin into another city on our world travel map.    
We were sitting in an old amphitheatre at the Alamo.  It was made entirely of stone.  We were resting our "dawgs" as Rick says.  He always tells me that they are barkin' when he needs to rest.  So we watched people come in and out while we sat on the bench.  Taking it easy.
If we had to pay for our hotel room.  We wouldn't have been in the one we stayed at.  It was called the Watermark Hotel.  It only had 90 rooms.  Service was unbelievable.  Everyday the doorman remembered our names.  Even though they weren't always the same ones.  They would open the door for us and say, "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, how are you today" or "Mr. and Mrs. Smith would you like a bottle of water to take with you on your walk?".  SWANKY!!!!  The receptionist even escorted us to the elevator and pushed the button for us.  Chocolates were on our bed every evening from Dean and Deluca.   They even had valet service for our car.  We just had to tell them 15 minutes before we needed it.  Needless to say, the spoiling was nice!!!!!  
Anywhoo....this oil painting was in the lobby and I loved it.  It seemed so peaceful and happy and simple.  I admired it every time I passed by it.  Rick thought that I was crazy for taking a picture of it.  I just didn't want to forget it.
Not an attractive picture of me.  Rick and I stopped at a park bathroom and he was ready with the camera as I walked out of the ladies room.  Little stinker!!!!   This was the place that I found the lilacs.  Now I am anxious for the MO lilacs to bloom.  I'm thankful that I was able to experience them twice this year.
On the way to the Market Square, we passed this old Catholic church.  You could feel the history of this building just by looking at it.  They were having mass at the time.  We could hear the music of humming (or whatever Catholics do).  I thought that I was a pretty church, so I snapped a couple pics.
We were waiting to eat dinner on the River Walk.  I often tell people that I don't go on our family vacations because I'm never in the pictures.  Which isn't true.  I am most definitely there.  It's just that my future generations are never going to believe it because there isn't any proof.  So, for Valentine's Day, I bought Rick a tiny little camera.  One that he can put into his pocket and snap.  That way, I can join my family on our trips.  hehe.
So now that I have bought this little camera, I almost regret it.  Look at this picture.  GROSS!! Another not so attractive picture of me.    
The restaurant that we ate at this night was called Saltgrass.  Terrible service and terrible food. I do not recommend it.  But the next night, we ate at a place called Pesco's.  Unbelievable.  I had crab cakes and Rick had chilled shrimp.  Rick loved MY crab cakes and ate more of them than I did.  I didn't mind if you are wondering.  Eating is a BIG deal on our trips.  We have a rule that we cannot eat anywhere that we can eat at home.  So, we get to experience lots of different foods and styles.

What are you grabbing Mr. Ricky?  I think that this man was once smoking a cigar.  Now, I'm not sure what he is doing?  Weird!!!  It was fascinating that many figurines of Mexicans had liqueur or cigarettes.  That is so taboo here.  Everyone smoked there too.  Rick and I wanted to watch the Mizzou and Marquette game while we were there.  We went to a sports bar (because that is the only place you can find a Missouri game in San Antonio) and we had to leave because it was too smoky.  Yuck!!!  We did find another place to watch it though.  (just in case you were wondering).  Yeah, MU won, although they almost lost it in the second quarter.

Our trip was interesting.  The best part was spending quality time with my husband.  No kids bugging us to buy them things or fighting with each other.  Just relaxing, slow-paced & quality time together.  Do I want to go back?  Not really.  But I'm glad that I went.  Now, I am anxious for my next trip.  I can start looking forward to it now.

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