March 29, 2011

Ridin' Dirty

My morning has barely begun and I've already had difficulties with a red-headed monkey, a pair of baseball pants, and a crazy pot of coffee.  I ask for your forgiveness in advance if my temper seems a little flared.  It's not you, I promise!!!

It's nasty outside today.  It's grey........ and cold....... and raining....... and I'm ticked about it!  Is a little sunshine and warm gentle breezes too much to ask for?  Bleh!  Pooey!  Bah Hum-bug! Then a deep sigh!  I want spring!  I feel betrayed by mother nature, as she gave me a taste of it, then took it away.

I better get to some pictures before I say something that I cannot take back!

The highlight to Gus' very "interesting" life is getting to go "buh-bye".  If anyone looks in his general directions and says "buh-bye", then you better prepare to pay up.  Because he will wag his non-existant tail, give you a low growl and RUN for the garage door.

Buh-bye is the utter purpose for his existance.  His reason for breathin'!  

He stares out the windows and watches the world as we pass by.

He gets scratches behind his ears while his momma drives.  Then gets treats when we go through the drive-thru.  
When the weather is nice, (which it ISN'T today), he gets to ride gangsta style out the window.  Which means to you non-gangsta's, he puts one paw out the window, nods his head to the beat of the radio, and looks at all the passerbys.  

Gus is one cool pooch!!!!!!!

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