March 9, 2011

Big ole' birds

Halfway between Rocky Ridge Farm (a.k.a. "The Smith's House") and Chillicothe is an abundance of farm ground.  Normally, there is nothing interesting to look at.  Although, recently a flock of eagles have made temporary residence in an overflow lake.  We have seen up to 13 of them at once.  They are beautiful!  Beee-uuuuu-tiiiii-fulllllllllllll!  
Some of them are immature birds and still have brown heads.  At least 5 or 6 of them, however, have heads as white as snow.  Did I tell you how beautiful they are?

Some "old timers" have told me that they migrate with the geese.  I don't know, makes sense to me???

According to Wikipedia, this is also a bald eagle.  He just hasn't fully matured.  Per my BRIEF research, the bald eagle normally develops a white head after his fourth year.  However, they can turn white after their third year, albeit rare.  

I think that I scared this one out of the tree with my camera clicks.  

Have I told you that I think they are beautiful?

I captured two mature baldies and an immature baldie looking for lunch.  

You can see the small article about them in our local paper here.  
The Wikipedia page that I made reference to, may be found here.

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  1. I cannot EVEN believe we both blogged about eagles! That is the weirdest thing, but fun to have something else in common!