March 16, 2011

Paint Wars

I've never quite understood the whole "boy thing".  Guns, dinosaurs, war games, are what they crave.  That is completely foreign to me, because I loved unicorns, make-up and Patrick Swayze at their age.  

Rick assures me that the desire for fully automatic weapons that shoot marble sized paint-balls, is normal.  To me, I think it's crazy!!!  
Either way, Rick, Ryan and Ian all received paint ball guns for Christmas.  Last weekend, they headed to the woods to use them for the first time.

Ryan, put his scowl on, and readied himself for battle!

Ian, the teddy bear sort, pumps up for combat!

Brothers in arms

Working together for the same cause.  Justice!  Justice for the Smith's farm.  Justice for all the critters that roam our woods, our pond, and our yard!  

The world can sleep easy tonight.

Because.......... they have lots of refills!!!!

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