March 30, 2011

My Ryan Christopher

I love you because.........

You only like vanilla ice cream.

You can pitch from the stretch or the wind-up.

You are kind to everyone, even when it isn't popular.

You make omelets and Mexican bean dip.

You randomly hug me.

You drive me home from baseball practice.

You fill my tank at the gas station so I don't have to get out.

You were my first.

Memorizing tv commercials and movie lines is your hidden talent.

You and I listen to the same music.

You will pick up ANY creature.  Including mice, snakes, spiders, and lizards!  (You even picked up a snapping turtle once.  Momma didn't love that!)

You are good at anything that involves a ball.

You haven't had anything lower than an A- on your grade card in years!

You will always be my Rhino the Dino!  You will always be my baby (Even if you don't want me to shout that from the bleachers of your sporting events.)

1 comment:

  1. You will always be my Ry Baby. You are my first grand baby, that makes you special.