March 3, 2011

Pond Critters

Last Fall we noticed that our cat-tails were disappearing.  Strangely enough, a tidy den of cat-tail reeds was being built beside where they once stood.  Upon further inspection, we concluded that it was a muskrat den.

Muskrats are nasty vamits.
Muskrats are large rats with tails.

We have noticed them swimming in the pond this week.  From a distance, of course.  

Please note that I said "them".

There are two rodents!  To protect the privacy of those accused, I will call them "Chip and Dale".  However,  I bet that Chip is really "Chip-ette".

Sooooo, I had the bright idea to sneak down to the pond (camera in hand) to snap a few pictures. 

Since T-bone is my protector, I asked if he would tag along.


Me: "T-bone, I'm going to the pond.  It may be dangerous.  I need a protector.  Will you go?

Me: "Plllleeeassseee T-bone, will you go?  I would feel much better having you there with me.  Muskrats have large teeth, and wild claws.  I'm certain this is going to be a dangerous journey. 

 Me: "T-Bone, you are not a very good protector"!

Congo said he didn't want to go either.  Someday I will have a pet that will be a loyal and fearless companion.  

So I begin my short trek to the pond.  I noticed that I am surprisingly stealthy.

I am very close now.  This photo shows some of the very few cat-tails that remain near our pond.  

I begin seeing evidence of our little rodent.

More evidence.........

Then, out of the nowhere, Chip appears.

He emerges out of the water, but soon discovers his stalker.

Then as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared.  I saturated my backside while sitting quietly on the bank, hoping that he would return.  However my patience is short.  After 20 minutes I decided to do a walk-around.

No Chip.......... no Dale!

No T-Bone............. no Congo!


This is a muskrat home.  This isn't Chip (ette) or Dale's Home.  I found this in Wikipedia.  

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