March 18, 2011

I Admit............

I will admit.................

#1. Every day I sign Gracie's "Weekly Calendar".  It's a way for Mrs. Bonderer (Gracie's teacher) to communicate with her student's parents.  She usually draws a happy face each day.  On this day, though, she wrote a little note.  

I will admit that I pretty much knew that!!!!

#2. These geese were the latest critters to visit our pond.  I'm beginning to feel like I'm running a Holiday Inn.  

I will admit that they were enjoying their stay until I started creeping forward with my camera.  I will also admit that I do not feel guilty for disturbing them because I got a nice photo of them.

#3. I've been noticing more and more robins in the past few weeks.

Robins mean Spring.  
Spring means I am not so grumpy. 
 When I'm less grumpy, the husband and children are pleasant.  
Pleasant husband and children mean I cook more desserts.  
More desserts mean more trips to Wal-mart.
Wal-mart makes me grumpy again.
I'm grumpy until I see the robin on the Wal-mart shopping cart.
Robins mean Spring.
Spring means I am not so grumpy.

Get the idea?

I will admit that I am at Wal-mart FAR too much! 

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