March 26, 2011

My Emma Grace

I love you because..........

You can get dirty and dolled up all in the same day.

You love animals as much as I do.

I get AT LEAST one hug from you a day.  Usually it's three or four though.

You sleep in my bed when daddy is on call.  I'm sure that you will do this till you leave for college.

You would do just about anything for a pair of high-heeled shoes.

You draw me pictures.

We do girl stuff together, like shopping, getting pedicures, and watching Disney princess movies.

It annoys you when I sing, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

It also annoys you when Grandpa Bob sings "You Are My Sunshine".

You have wanted a horse since you were able to tell us so.

You want to be a song writer for Taylor Swift when you grow up.

Your best friends are Magy, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Charlotte, and her immediate family, of course.

You want to be a fruit-a-tarian (instead of vegetarian).

You will talk to anyone.

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