March 21, 2011

Sweet Kisses From Cookie

We spoiled Cookie yesterday.

We held her (although whether she is a she is still questionable?  You would think after a year, we would know.  Doesn't matter, even if she was a he, Gracie would still call him a her.  Whew, you may have to read that a couple times to get it!)

Gracie's best friend, Magy, gave "the carrot eater" some love also.


You are sweet!

Ummm, and by the way, sorry about the trampoline.  I didn't know about it until afterwards.  The girls promised me that they didn't jump while you were on there.  They also assured me that they brought a few stuffed animals to join you (so you wouldn't be scared)!  

I also apologize for the dog collar and leash, and whatever else they may have done to you that I do not know about.

Gracie's mom

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