April 15, 2009

Wrote at 10:00 p.m. 4-15-09
Ryan told me at 8:30 p.m. that he volunteered me to bring doughnuts for one of his MORNING classes.

Ian forgot his backpack at church this evening.  With his homework inside.

Gracie forgot to take her D.S. game out of her pocket before she put it into the laundry.

I wish that I could snap a picture of a sunset and it look as beautiful as what my eyes see.  I've just never been able to capture the beauty of them on film.  This is what my Uncle Mike calls "A Painter's Sky".  This was the view that I woke up to this morning.   It has to be a good day!!!
Gracie, Clayton Walker, & Walker Graves at Ryan's second track meet.  His first home meet.  They were rooting on the home team.  
The meet started at 4:00 p.m..  I was able to watch Ryan run the 100 meter hurdles.  Then I had to run Ian to guitar at 5:00.  So I missed his mile.  Bummer.  I was disappointed but proud of how he did.  His time was 5 minutes and 45 seconds.  Whew!  It would take me twice that long!!!!  He is an all-round athlete.  I know that it especially makes his Daddy proud.  I'm proud too, but more importantly, I'm proud that he loves the Lord and he is just a good kid.
Not many of the other kids come to sit by their mom and dad after the event is over.  Most are running around doing who knows what.  But every time Ryan comes to see if we saw him.  Run through all the things that he did right or wrong and tell us his times.  It always boost my ego to know that he still doesn't mind being around us.
Let me be honest....I could care less if Ryan ever jumped another hurdle again in his life.  I think that I have expressed my opinion about this in previous posts.  But, he's pretty good at them.  He got 1st in 7th grade and 3rd out of 7th and 8th.  Pretty impressed.  I hold my breath the entire time he runs though.
This is Ryan's girl.  They have "went out" for two months.  She is a sweet girl and she has a sweet family.  I've taught her three years in Sunday School, so I feel like she's one of my own kids.  I think that they are quickly approaching their two month anniversary.  Big stuff!!!

So, I took the kids to school this morning.  Stopped by Casey's to pick up three dozen doughnuts (which I wanted to eat, but didn't).   Went to church to get Ian's backpack, then took it to Central school.  Went to the YMCA to register Gracie for baseball, worked out while I was there.  Went to tan.  Came home and made myself an egg beaters breakfast.  Hummm....that may be as productive as I am capable of.  Guess I should scrapbook the rest of the day.  hehe.  I did get the May issue of Card magazine in the mail this morning.  Plus I have a BIG SHOT calling my name.

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