April 14, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

Good morning, ya'all.  It's a soggy mess here.  It's rained day after day and I'm so tired of it.  I'm ready for some sunshine and heat.  
I hope that everyone had a blessed Easter.  Ours was nice.  We bought clothes the Saturday before for the kids.  (except for Gracie, of course)  I think that they looked handsome and "Springy".  That was my rule this year, it had to be pastel.  Ryan's was borderline, but it worked.  We headed over to Rick's parents after church service.  Aunt Alta Lou, Brenda & Josh & Brody, Crystal, and Aunt Katherine & Debbie and all Rick's sisters + their families were there.  Quite a crowd.  I would have to say that we were extremely lazy this holiday.  Several naps were taken (including me).  
Isn't she precious!!!  I regret to say that the dress was ripped during Children's Church.  She was on the ground and someone stepped on the dress.  That's OK.  She had her moment of glory.  It was chilly Easter morning, so I put a white button-up sweater over the dress.  She looked like a little angel, if I must say.   I kept her home from school on Thursday.  She has been battling a small cold.  It isn't getting her down but you can just tell she isn't herself.  Her eyes tell all.  There are lots of sneezes and drippy noses happening right now.

Here are the three musketeers.  Actually I had to make a crude comment to get them to smile.  They are all sporting their fave. colors.  

Ryan has another track meet this afternoon.  He is running the same events as last meet.  I will try to post the results in the morning.  I'm praying that he does well in the mile.  That is his best event.  We bought him track spikes and compression pants last weekend.  I'm sure that will make all the difference ;)  (joke)

I'm beginning to get super-duper excited about my Las Vegas trip.   I am going with a couple of my girlfriends.  a.k.a. Nancy and Michelle   However, those won't be the names when we go.  We are choosing alter-egos.  I haven't officially decided, but I think I'm going to be a set designer for Martha Stewart.  I'm still choosing my name.  I'm not sure that is radical enough though.  It needs to be more dangerous.....daring.....exotic.  I will let you know the official decision beforehand.   

Undercover agent?
Lion tamer?
Romance author?

If you have any suggestions.  Leave me a comment on the bottom of this post.

Well.  Gonna have to check-out.  Lots to do today, not much time.  Adios amigos.

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