April 8, 2009

I loved this picture, it's from THIS website

I bought a Jullian Michaels workout DVD yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to look like her in a couple weeks.   (hey, the DVD made a promise to me)

I finally have my washing machine back!!!!  Yeah.  The repair bill was a whopping 175.00.  Seriously, the machine needs to fold and put away my laundry now.  I realize that I use it more than the average consumer, but it really shouldn't need repaired once a year.  Do you think?  Maybe my expectations are too high.  My philosophy is that the machine should last a llllooonnngg time.  For one reason.....I don't like to buy things like that.   It isn't fun.  Now, a dining room table, ok.  A new Lexus, alright.  A trip to Hawaii, I'm there.  But a washing machine.  NOOOO!   I should seriously take a picture of the heaping piles of clothes that I have waiting for me.  It may swallow me whole.  

I am supposed to get Gussy-poo groomed today.  But Gracie-loo is home sick, so I'm not sure what's going to happen.  She woke up this morning with the sniffles and the drippies (she even had a bloody nose)  Poor lil' girl.  She probably could have made it through the day.  But I know how I feel when I have a cold.  It's just no fun.  She had only missed one day this year.  So, I said, "It's ok hunny, you can stay home with mommy."  

Gracie wrote a note to her teacher, Mrs Gutshall the other day.  I wanted you to read what she said.  FYI: This is direct from her note.  No edits have been made.

Dear Mrs Gutshall                              

I want you to come over sometime!  You are a good techer in the world.  Do you have a plan on ester?  yes or no  I want you to come on ester but we have plans!
Wat day can you come over!  I relly want you to come on ester. 

love, Gracie

Ian has a pizza and electronics party today.  He is PUMPED!  He brought his PSP (he made sure that it had a full charge) and all his games.  I'm so glad that they get a whole four days off.  Whoo-hoo!!!!  Par-tay.

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