April 21, 2009

Yesterday morning I went to Gracie's classroom.  Just as I usually do on Monday mornings.  But today was excitedly different.  They were going to honor me with a "celebration"!!!  I got an invitation in Gracie's backpack the Friday before and I was anxious to see what they had planned.  Gracie was good on her word to Mrs. Gutshall not to tell me anything.  

When I walked into the classroom, they were all sitting at their tables.   When they saw me, their arms sprung into the air, they were bouncing around, obviously wanting to get Mrs. Gutshall's attention.  Mrs. Gutshall greeted me and pulled out a seat (a small seat) right next to Gracie.  Gracie was proud that her mom was the center of attention in a classroom full of her friends.  She hung on my arm, hugged me, kissed me, showed me her desk (as if I hadn't seen it every Monday since October), I thought her gestures were sweet.  I went along with it.  Oooing and Ahhing at everything she showed me.  After-all, this was really about her, not me.  I wouldn't have worked in this classroom had it not been for her.  They served me powdered doughnuts and Doritos with a Kool-aid drink.  
Then, the best part of all.  They each read me a poem that they had written about me.  After they each read, they would hand it to me and give me a big hug.  Some of the boys were a little embarrased to hug me, they were a little stiff.  But most of the girls, squeezed as hard as they could.  
I was proud of each and every one of them.

This was Gracie's poem to me.  She informed the class that hers would be the best because she knew me the most.  

In case you cannot see it, it says.....


Always loveable.
Marvleis (marvelous)
Always nice.
Not mene. (mean)
Dose (does) help us.
Always says you love me.
Love, your little gril (girl) Gracie.

Mrs. Gutshall presented me with a flower to plant, a candle that smells like chocolate chip cookie, and a certificate.  
All those mornings when I went when I didn't want to go.  When I felt like I had other things that I could be doing instead.  I'm so glad now, that I did it.  I have now volunteered in each of my children's classrooms.  I hope that they know that I did it for them.

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