April 20, 2009

We were graciously invited to attend the YMCA Y-pals fundraiser last Friday.  Y-pals stands for "Young People Actively Learning Success".  The program is for children who need a positive role model, more self esteem, and self-confidence.  Y-PALS helps kids build social skills, develop a friendship, and provides them with someone who will listen.  Y-PAL volunteers share their free time with a youth about four hours per month.  I believe that it is a worthwhile and admirable organization.  Rick and I were happy to support it.  Besides, they made the giving part fun by hosting a murder-mystery party.  We were to come in costume according to our part.  I was Angel Roni, Rick was Bo Jalais.  Other characters were... Rocco Scarfazzi, Mama Rosa, Marco Roni, Tara Misu, Father Al Fredo/a.k.a. Kelly Poling, and Clair Voyant/a.k.a. Angela Poling.   Clever names, ay?  We played the parts course by course, had lots of fun and most importantly, met some new people.  

Marco and Mama Rosa
Marco played the part of my brother.  A wanna be soccer player who had a complicated relationship with our father (the deceased).
Mama Rosa (who is Marco's wife in reality), played the grieving widow.  Who wasn't really mourning too much as she was shacking up with her husband's twin brother.  Marco won the best costume in the men's category.  Congratulations.  His prize, a large piece of fruit.   How appropriate.  He was a fruit.

Angela and Kelly Poling were the hosts and our long-time friends.  They bought the table and graciously asked us to join them.  Angela played the part of Clair Voyant and Kelly was Father Alfredo.  Angela even brought her crystal ball and gave us readings.  HUMMMM!!!

This was our entire group.  When Kelly called and gave our costume assignments, mine was to be similar to a "GREASE" girl.  Bright red lipstick, mini-skirt, scantilly dressed.  Rick was supposed to be french.  He sported a beret from Wal-mart, a sportjacket, jeans, and loafers.  My handsome Bo.  We were engaged in the script.

Ronni and Tony Clark were at another table.  But I couldn't resist the incriminating picture.  She was dressed as Clair Voyant and Tony was Father Alfredo.  

The murderer..........was Bo.  My real-life husband.  Rick, how could you?

Saturday was crazy.  Rick had Relay For Life in Carrollton.  I was helping with our soroity's fundraiser for Relay For Life in Chillicothe.  Between us, we divided and conquered.  I felt like I chased my tail all day.  Whew, glad it's over.

Sunday was uneventful.  We visited Rick in Carrollton.  He was on call in the ER until 6:00 p.m..  So we let the kids swim at the hospital pool and ate lunch at Pizza Hut.  

Can't wait to post what I did today.  Since I have to get the roast in the oven, it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.  

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