April 3, 2009


These are pictures from years past because I am feeling reflective today.

Mornings are not my forte.  I can't seem to get this ole' body moving yet.  

I was beginning my devotional this morning and found something that I wanted to share with you.  I try not to get too deep in my blog.  I think that is mostly because I write in the mornings and I'm not feeling it yet.  But this caught me....

*Don't hold on to your children so tightly that God can't move them.

*As your children get older, the best mothering involves less smothering.

*It's a mother's job to raise her children to be independent and self-sufficient.  She is to be praised when that happens (although she will later regret that she was so good at it).

*"Letting go" is difficult for a mother-but if it doesn't happen, it is disastrous for the child.

*Some of the greatest joys of motherhood can only be experienced from a distance.

I am noting some signs that I need to "let go" a little.  Especially with Ryan.  Since he has a girlfriend now.  I am constantly drilling him every afternoon.  Poor guy.  When I say girlfriend, I mean that very loosly.  They hang out between classes, at Sunday School and Youth Group, and they also text each other.  
This is how a conversation might go when he gets home from school.....
"How was Maggie today?, Did you sit with her at lunch?, What did you talk about?"    I understand that while I'm doing it, I'm driving him crazy.  But on the other hand, I just cannot stop.  

The joys of motherhood are some of my life's sweetest rewards.  But the uncertainty of motherhood are some of mys hardest "stuff".  I guess that I need to find a balance with him.  Before I get any phone calls from you....I do understand that he is only 13.  I know that I cannot "let go" completely.  I just need to do more "let God".

So, I found this poem on the Internet, and I love it.  I know that I'm not there yet.  But in some ways, it feels like it could be as close as tomorrow.

Side by Side

It's happened, my friend
They're almost grown
Out the door
On their own

Needing us just
As bad as before
Sometimes we'll think
We need them more

Unwelcomed change
Strangely true
This is what
We raised them to do

Empty rooms
Then they'll come home
Friends to see
Talk on the phone

A minute here
A minute there
Still we'll know
We were there......

Watching them play
Watching them grow
Breaking up fights
Bandaging toes

From Sunday school
To Mother's Day Out
From Kindergarten
To Brownies and Scouts

From Big Wheels
To souped-up cars
From sleeping bags
To football scars

Cried 'till we laughed
Laughed 'til we cried
One moment proud
The next horrified

Dobson's books
On dusty shelves
It's time for them
To try it themselves

Oh, my friend
It's been fun
In many ways
We've just begun

So much ahead
Mothers confide
Let's stick like we started:
Side by Side

-Beth Moore

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind birthday wishes, Mandy. I'm glad you commented because now I've found your blog. I love what you wrote today. My Ryan is only 5, but already I know I'll have a hard time letting go. This quote "Some of the greatest joys of motherhood can only be experienced from a distance." really struck a chord with me.