April 2, 2009

Gracie's diorama

Gracie had a little project to do for school.  We had to make a rain forest diorama.  My friend, Nancy, helped me pick out some of the creatures to go in it.  This picture is of the top of the box.
This picture is of the inside.  Ohhhh....ahhhhh.  She was proud of it.

And I discovered a new feature on my computer called photo booth.  My computer will take pictures of me.  Then it has like a million things you can do with it.  I took this picture after I took off all my makeup.  So I didn't want to do anything where you could actually SEE me.  So, I choose this Andy Warhol pop art.
I can take my picture and place it in front of any background.  Soooo kuullll.  Instead of "pimp my ride", it's going to be "trick my pic".  

I have some MAJOR housework to do today.  I have decided to take one room at a time.  Scour!!!  Gracie's room was first.  I don't cringe when I walk in there now.  It looks like a little girls room instead of a pig pen.  Next is the spare room in the basement.  We call it Zach's room.  Because, that is where Zach lived when he stayed here a couple summers ago.  (he is spending the night with us next Friday and we are all stoked!!!!)  I talk to him via e-mail and text but I haven't seen him since early summer when he stayed with us. )  

Did you see Idol yesterday.  Buh Bye, Megan!!!  So glad she is gone.  She was like 6" nails on a chalkboard to me.  I wouldn't mind trading her face with mine though.  Gotta give her that.  The girl was beeeutiful!!!

So, tootles, friends.  Off to clean the house.  

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