July 19, 2010

Packing for Haiti

Well......... this is a first for our family. We spent one whole evening repackaging medicine for Rick and Ryan's Haiti trip. It was a complete group effort. Now let's pray that the airlines are in a good mood when they go to check-in. I'm terrified that they are going to apprehend all this hard work.
Several donations were made by local pharmacies. A few friends and co-workers of Rick gave money, and another mission team from Hondoras gave many of the supplies. I cannot wrap my brain around how much difference this is going to make to these people.
I'm not sure what Ryan is expecting out of this. Right now I'm sure it seems like an adventure to him. I hope that it gives him a respect for God, God's people and how blessed we are.
They are taking suitcases full of gauze, bandages, sterile kits, etc. Most of it I wouldn't know how to use. I'm sure that the people will utilize every single piece of it.

Even Gracie was able to help.

If I think about this for too long at a time, I get butterflies in my stomach. I'm know that 10 days from now I will be showing you their pictures. Telling you their stories. Sharing stories of the people they helped.

But the mommy in me lets her mind get carried away. I think about the distance they will be from me. The disease in that country. The natural disasters that have happened in the past year. Frankly, it terrifies me!!!!

Rick and Ryan have both had their Hep A shots and they have begun their antibiotic regime. The antibiotics will continue until a month after they return. This ensures that they won't get malaria. The #1 killer in Haiti.

I would appreciate SO MUCH prayers for both of them. Below I have listed a few things that you can pray for. It would mean so much to all of us!!!

1. safe travels
2. finding the man at the airport who is supposed to pick them up
3. good health for the mission team
4. the healing of many many people
5. the flooding that is currently happening to the people in the village. (good weather)
6. wisdom, patience, and understanding so Rick can help lots of sick people.
7. hearts changed towards God

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