July 30, 2010

Haiti (misc. pictures)

Rick and Ryan have been home for several days now. We are slowly trying to slip back into our routine. They both came back exhasted. A combination of sleep deprivation, jet lag, and being exposed to heat for so long. I was also exhasted. Proably more mentally than anything. I woke up thinking about them and they were my last thought before going to sleep. I'm glad they are home safely.

I've tried to sift through over 500 photos. Without Rick or Ryan, it really isn't possible. I don't know the names or places of the people. But these photos shouldn't be hidden for our family alone. I'm anxious to share them with you. So, I will tell you what I can. Hopefully soon, Rick and Ryan will help me fill in the spaces.

This is Rick with the orphans. While he was gone, he sent me several pictures of the little girl in yellow. Both Rick and Ryan thought she was cute. Rick said that these children HUNG all over you. I'm not sure if it was because they were so grateful of the help or that they just wanted affection. I know that all I would want to do it sit in a rocking chair with these babies.
Ryan gave all the orphans glow sticks. He said they went back several days later and they still had them on. Even though they no longer glowed.

Ryan said this little girl was probably 4 years old. It was her responsiblity to keep their cooking fire going. Ryan was amazed that she knew how to fan the flame and cook.
The team rode an hour and a half back to Port-a-Prince in the back of a pick-up.
The day before they left, Rick found Herby in the village. He gave him a package of Nutter Butter. Ryan said that he was really bashful the first day they met. But on this day, Herby jumped into his arms. (Herby is the child that our family sponsors)

The market
People herding their cattle down the road.
A Haitian grocery store.
Refugees from the earthquake. Rick said that to get a tent is a HUGE luxury. Most people didn't get one.
Herby eating dinner with Rick.

Herby and his momma

Rick said that the children of the orphanage all had jobs. These children were making a palm branch fence.

This is where the team would do their twice a day bible study, eat their meals and wind down for the evening.

Ryan cleaned wounds one whole day. Rick said almost every patient had a wound. Most were from rat bites.

Ryan made several friends while he was there.

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