July 6, 2010

Happy Sparkler Day!!!!!

We made our 2nd annual trek to Carroll County this 4th of July. Little Texas was the headliner. I try really hard to like country music, but I cannot seem to make myself. I would describe them as country-rock.
The funnell cakes have become a 4th staple. The monkeys downed 3 or 4 of them.
We found a few long-time friends while we were there. This is one of Gracie's besties, Haley Rucker.
Ugh, more funnell cake!!!!
My husband, attractive as always.
This is Little Texas

Ryan didn't care about the band, the sweets, the city fireworks........ he wanted to explode things himself!!!!!

For me, it didn't seem like a holiday weekend. I returned on the 3rd (Rick and I's 17th wedding anniversary) from a middle school mission trip. We went to Reed Springs, MO for three nights. Two days prior to that, I spent the night in Columbia, MO with the kids (while Ryan went to MU pitching camp). Needless to say, my weeks have been jumbled together. That's why I haven't posted as much lately. That's why my brain rattles when I walk. That's why mommy has been a bit "testy" lately.

Ryan has finished basketball until the beginning of school. He has completed all his A+ hours. We only have one baseball tournament left. Whew, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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