July 24, 2010

Haiti (day 3 and 4)

Rick and Ryan have been working in the local clinic today and yesterday. The orphanage came to them first thing yesterday morning. All of them in a single truck. They saw nearly 80 yesterday and plan on seeing over 150 today. In his Carrollton clinic, he is only able to get between 25 and 30 in. He has volumes more paperwork in the States. Nothing in Haiti is documented.

Keith and a little guy from the orphanage.
I'm "busting at the seams" proud of this picture. Rick and I are sponsoring this little boy so he can go to school. Our sponsorship pays for his book, uniform, one meal a day, and teacher salary. I already love Herby.

Our church helped provide hats and fabric paint for a craft project. One little girl wrote this on hers. Ugh! I'm all emotional over this!!!!
I couldn't be more proud of my man!!! I'm positive that God gave his medical talents so he could do this. I love you Hunny!!!
They orphanage cleaned up all the little kiddos before coming to the clinic. I ADORE this little girl. Doesn't she look like a little doll!!

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