July 22, 2010

Haiti (day 2)

Day 2:
All is well. Rick has sent me lots of pictures via his blackberry. I cannot wait to see the pictures that he is taking with the camera. I'm sure the quality will be much better. He said that Ryan is in "shock and awe". I guess there is no way to describe what they are seeing.
This was yesterday afternoon in the airport. Rick said it was an old metal building that was a complete zoo. People were everywhere, pushing and shoving for their luggage. Good thing I have tall men. They are usually easy to find in a crowd. Of course, Rick and Ryan's bags were last to be unloaded.
Hunting for crabs
These pictures were ones I woke up to this morning. I'm not surprised that he was already near the water. The boy should have been a fish.
As I mentioned yesterday, the village has had some major flooding this week. Rick typed "houses destroyed by flood" with this picture.
This WAS their soccer field until the flood waters came.
The families that have lost homes were relocated to a tent village.
They went to a school that the team has sponsored for the last two years.
They also visited an orphange. My eyes welled up everytime he sent me a picture from here. He said that they hadn't eaten anything for two days. The days that they do eat, they only get one meal. God bless them. Can you image? It breaks my heart.
Ryan bought a bag of candy before he left. He was able to pass it out to the children. I'm sure that this was a MAJOR treat for them.
This is the hardest picture of all. This little girl was singing, "Here I am to Worship". For heavens sake. Can you imagine a child worshipping in her condition. I need a humble pill right now.
They gave this little one an Oreo.
This guy is in several photos. I'm not sure of his name. It might be Alex (I will correct this if it isn't right)
When the team realized that the children hadn't ate in two days, they went to market. This is a picture of sugar cane.
Rick used the word "awful" several times. As you can see in the below pictures, it isn't like our local grocery stores.

Tonights dinner looks a little better than the Barracuda from yesterday. I'm afraid to ask what the meat is. However, I'm glad to see french fries on the plate. I know that Ryan will eat at least one thing tonight.
I thought I would close with a silly picture of Ryan laying on the patient bed in the clinic. Rick labeled this photo, "Our first patient".

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