July 21, 2010

Bon Voyage and Blessings

My day started a little earlier than usual. Rick and Ryan had a 6:00 a.m. flight out of K.C.I. this morning. I got up to see them off. I told them that I love them at least a dozen times each. Hugged and squeezed them extra tight.

Then, just like that, they were pulling out of the driveway. I'm not sure if it was the last hug or watching their headlights as they drove off, but I was choked up.

I'm so proud that Rick has always wanted to do this. I'm proud that he is such a good Daddy and took his son with him. I just have a really good feeling about this. A feeling that so many lives will be touched somehow. I'm certain the most touched will be my boys!!!

Several months ago a lady gave Rick a $100.00 check to purchase supplies and medicines. She passed away three weeks ago. Rick contacted her daughter and asked her what he should do with the check as he hadn't cashed it. I think that he fully intended to return it to her. She begged him to cash it and added another $20.00 from herself saying, "that is what mother would want." The same day we heard from the village in Haiti that they were having an outbreak of Typhoid and Malaria. No one had expected this and they didn't get any donated medications for them. With that money the lady gave, along with her daughter, he was able to purchase those meds.. I'm sure that God had that all planned out. I'm also sure that this will be one of many amazing stories I will hear in the coming week.

I thought it would be easier for you to visualize if I introduced Rick and Ryan's fellow team members.

This is Sue Bachman. I met Sue several years ago in a Beth Moore bible study. It was called "A Heart Like His" and she was the facilitator. We have been friends since.
From left to Right:
Lynn Lyon: Father-in-law to Lori Lyon
Keith Bachman: Son of Sue Bachman
Lori Lyon: my A+ Mary Kay consultant and friend
This is Mama and her family. Mama does all the cooking for my boys while in Haiti. Wow, that's a tall order. My boys can put it away!!! Especially my red-head. I have no idea what her given name is. Sue, Lori, and Lynn have always called her "Mama".
This was their supper tonight............ barracuda. I'm not even joking guys!! I think I just threw up in my mouth. Uggh!
I may have prefered this one. At least it's pink!!!!
The village is nestled in the bottom of a mountain. They have had lots of rainfall this week. Here is a picture taken on the 19th. Two families lost their homes (Not that they were much to begin with. Can you imagine?) If you think of it, please pray about this. They are expecting more rain this week. Since most natives do not have transportation, they will be visiting Rick's clinic on foot. Flooding will hinder that. Rick's goal is to see as many people as possible. He wants NOTHING to stand in the way of that.
This is a sunset picture that Sue posted a few nights ago. Isn't is amazing that a place so pretty could have so much sickness and despair. It tears my heart strings.

I've pulled all of these pictures off of Sue's facebook photo album. I hope to post some of my boy's pictures tomorrow. They have promised me! Rick sent me an e-mail. I'm going to type it word for word...........

"Holy crap unbelievable. Ryan not even talking. Just dumbfounded. T.V. does not come close to how bad it is."

That says it all, I guess.

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