July 13, 2010

Going Fruity!!!!

Pretty new blooms from the rose garden.
This is my ALL-TIME favorite rose. It's called double delight. I had several years ago when we lived in town. I'm so glad to finally have one blooming in my yard again. They have the best scent and they are stunning. Absolutely stunning!!! I wish you had SMELL-a-vision.
We are beginning to see the "fruits" of our labors outdoors. After 5+ years, our fruit trees are beginning to produce. We probably have 10 apple trees and only three or four are bearing fruit. One is loaded for bear, the others have less. Out of three pear trees only one has fruit.
Oh well, I'm not complaining. Any fruit is better than no fruit, I say.
I'm hoping for apple pies, tarts, and maybe apple butter (I've never tried that before. It might be an epic failure).

I only photographed the pretty ones. The worms have gotten ahold of probably 1/3 of them. We need to do a little better with spraying next year.
Pears.......... delish!!!!
Our vegtables are also coming along nicely. At least the ones that survived the monsoons this Spring and early Summer. When we built our house, we trenched the water towards the woods. We built our garden smack-dab where the pipe drains out. We haven't been able to get into half the garden all summer. Hopefully this Fall we can get that fixed. Until then, we are growing some mighty tall weeds. Some are almost head tall. Everytime we think it is dry enough to mow and till them under. It rains again. Blasted Missouri weather!!!!!!

The half that isn't flooded is producing peppers, onions, tomatoes and radishes. (The only thing that I will eat out of that list is tomatoes. That's a good thing because no one else in my family will.)

All gardening aside, I am heading to Aunt Pam's and Uncle Mike's for our annual river trip. Then we are off to a wood bat baseball tournament for Ryan. Busy.... busy, I say. I feel like my busyness is keeping me from documenting all the crazy things that are said and done around here. I hope to store them up in my rattled brain so I can share them with you when the monkeys are in school.

But I have to put first... first, right?

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