April 21, 2010

A Week In My Life (day 2)

6:30 wake up
I go upstairs to wake up the kids. I lay out Gracie's clothes for the day. It's difficult to dress her right now because it's cool in the mornings and warm during the day. I settle with capri's, short sleeve shirt, and a jacket.

6:40 I make coffee, per Rick's request.

6:50 I load the kids up in the car to go to the bus stop. We don't wait long this morning before he comes. Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's 15 minutes.

7:05 I begin my day. Making my bed, drinking coffee, and checking e-mails and blogs

7:30 Gus still isn't feeling well. He ate a piece of cheese and 1/2 of a spoonful of peanut butter. I can just tell he isn't up to par.

7:30 I'm documenting yesterday

9:30 I go outside to finish mowing. After a few times up and back, Gus greets me. Since I left him in the house, it dawns on me that a door has been left open. So him and I walk back to the house. During this time, he has several tummy episodes (ugh). I clean him up and tie him outside. I cannot trust him inside while he is sick without me being in there. I bring him several toys and fill up a tub of fresh water for him to drink.

10:56 I get the mower stuck in the mud. I dread telling Rick but he was very kind about it.

11:05 I put a second coat on Gracie's playhouse. I've almost finished the house. I still have to paint the trim.

12:00 I hop in the shower and get around.

12:30 I go to the vet to get medicine for Gus' belly. They warn me that he won't like it. Great!!! I managed to get it down him with very little problem. He didn't like it but I squeezed his jaws together until he swallowed. Sorry Gus.

He couldn't reach the little bit left on his nose. I thought it was cute and had to take a picture.

1:00 I finally eat for the first time today. I've been so busy that I hadn't really thought about it until now. I settle for a bowl of Golden Crisp because it's quick and easy.

1:20 As I'm watering flowers, I notice chalk drawings that Ian and Gracie made. Some were on the side of the house, the others were in the driveway. There are little evidences everywhere that this is a home where children live. I like that!!!

Ali Instructs us to take at least one photo of yourself each day during this week. UGH!!! Since I am the picture taker, this means that I stand in front of a mirror with the camera. I feel like a cheeseball.

I look like a deer in the headlights in this photo!

2:00 I come inside to get things around for a double header baseball game in Liberty, MO. Jackets, drinks, etc.

2:15 Rick calls and says he was able to switch E.R. shifts with another doc. This means he will be able to come to the games. He needs me to bring jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and a pullover.

2:30 Clark's furniture shows up with Ian's new chest of drawers and nightstand. I know that this is going to excite him. As they were lugging the chest upstairs, one of them notices Congo and calls him "a damn mountain cat"! I thought that was funny and chuckled several times the rest of the day about it.
I feel a strong nesting urge to decorate but I must resist because I need to get the monkeys from school.

2:45 Pick up boys at the Middle School then head to Field to get Gracie

3:00 Run to Sonic to buy snacks and drinks for the kids. They are always starved when they are done with school.

3:15 I'm city bound with three kids in the car. There is construction from Cameron to Kearney. This seriously slows the drive down.

4:45 We are officially in Liberty. I run to Michaels to get vinyl for Ian's wall. The kids all want something.

Gracie wants: a roll of yarn so she can finger weave during the game
Ian wants: a roll of duct tape and the latest book in a series he reads
Ryan wants: camo duct tape.

5:00 Go to Target to buy snacks and drinks for game. I just received an e-mail on my phone that said there will be no concessions tonight.

5:30 Arrive at Pleasant Valley Baseball Park

6:15 1st game begins. It's nice to see the kids and parents of the players. I'm enjoying reconnecting. Ryan pitches the first game. He does well. Only 1 unearned run. They won the first game

Ryan is explaining to me in this picture how big the umpire's strike zone is. Not big!!!

10:20 Ian, Gracie and I are leaving in the last inning of the game. It's late and we are freezing. I was ill-prepared for the dropping temps. Not enough blankets, coats, etc.

12:00 I crawl in bed and sleep like a baby

Things I want to remember about today..............

1. Gracie immediately found a friend at the ball game. Her name was Allie.

2. Ian reads during the entire double header. He was so excited to start his new book but he had to finish the one he was already reading. I love that he is a reader. I will GLADLY buy him all the books he wants. For his birthday, he is asking for a NOOK. Google them, they are pretty neat.

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