April 3, 2010

It's Easter Eve

I have survived three days of non-stop Easter festivities!

I am tired and maybe a little grumpy. Yet I'm thankful. Easter is rich with hope and grace, I cannot help but smile.

I will post all of the gazillion pictures that I took. But I'm going to do it over a week's time. (because as I mentioned above, I am tired and a little grumpy).
Here are the two dozen eggs that I hard boiled for the monkeys to dye. Something about the "neat freak" in me fears the words dye & children. They should never be combined. However I am a gluten for punishment and I need a few more messes to clean.
Gracie and Ian both colored their eggs with a white crayon before dyeing. Ian wrote "The Government Can". I'm imagining the puzzled looks on your faces. It didn't make sense to me either. That is, until I asked. Let's put it this way, he learns more than math and science at school. It's a silly song that they listen to..... over....... and over....... and over again. It's called, "The Government Can". I am posting the link at the bottom of this page. If you want to chuckle, you're welcome to read. If you're feeling patriotic, you might skip it.

Ian had a friend spend the night. His name is Brett but we have called him Brutus for years. The name makes me laugh because he is older than Ian, yet, at least two feet shorter than him.
I don't know why his nickname is Brutus?

Notice that Ryan is eating in this picture. He is a bottomless pit. Our grocery bills are proof of that. He ingests gallons of food each day. It's enough to make a grown man cringe.

I think they all did a wonderful job. Don't you?

I hope that your Easter was blessed. Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of all the loot the Easter Bunny left. He was WAY TOO GENEROUS this year!!!! (wink..... wink)

"The Government Can" by Tim Hawkins

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