April 20, 2010

A Week In My Life (day 1)

I am doing an online challenge with Ali Edwards. It's called A Week In The Life. I thought you might want to know what all this useless chatter was about. Click on the link I attached if you are interested in joining us.

6:30 Alarm goes off. I have Gracie in bed with me since Daddy worked in the E.R. last Sunday night. I love that I never have to be alone when I sleep.

6:35 Wake up the boys and picked out Gracie's clothes.

6:40 Let Gus out to potty. He won't eat his treat for coming inside quickly. Usually this is a big deal to him. (that's strange)

7:15 We leave for school. Today I am taking them because I have errands in town.
Both boys go to the middle school
While Gracie get's dropped off at Field.

7:45 I need to go to Lowe's to buy paint for Gracie's playhouse. I have vowed to finish this before I leave for Florida. I only have one week (eeeekkkk!!!)

8:15 I head to Wal-mart to fill the fridge. We had no milk, bread or eggs. (Ian might add that we also had no snacks.) I forgot to get two of the things that were on my list. This is normal. I spent $137.00. I do this at least once a week. We average 4 to 5 hundred dollars in groceries each month. I'm guessing that this summer it will increase to 5 to 6 hundred. I live with human disposals!!!!!

9:00 I unload groceries and take Gus out to potty again. He still isn't eating. Now I am super worried.

9:30 I start the second week of my new Bible Study. It's called "Walking By Faith". I'm REALLY, REALLY liking it.

10:15 Gus and I go to pick more tulips popping out of the ground. I've thought a hundred times about how thankful I am that I planted those. They are out of sight of my house. Therefore, I feel no guilt about picking them and putting them in a vase. I love flowers from my garden. Somehow they are more special to me than those purchased from a store.
10:30 I begin the daunting task of mowing our supersized yard. This is the second time I have mowed this Spring. I love doing it, however, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about all the things on my list.

12:00 I only mowed half of the yard. I will finish the other half tomorrow. It's best for me to do it in two chunks. I am moving on the painting Gracie's playhouse. I picked a nice shade of "Lemon Sorbet" at Lowe's. I hope that it looks like pale butter. I think matched up against the bright white trim would look so girly!

12:45 I come in the eat a quick bowl of O's cereal then head back out to paint.

2:00 My arms have finally given out. I decide to sit in the sunshine on the deck and read for a while. This is Kate Gosselin's newest book. It's little nippets of their life and special letters to each of their eight kids. I feel like this ties in nicely with this "Ali Edwards project".
Note: It's really easy to not like Kate because of her dominate personality. Through this book I have realized how she struggles with guilt, perfection and let's be frank, BEING A MOM!
I am on Kate's boat. I appreciate her faith and her undying love for all those babies. Whew, I sure couldn't do it.

3:00 I come inside to shower and get around. I like to do this before the kids get off the bus. That way I can focus on them when they get home.

3:40 The monkeys are getting off the bus and walking into the house. They always....always ask for a snack. I try to have fruit, granola bars, and cheeses around the house. But they usually want cookies, brownies, and pop-tarts. I guess this is my fault for buying and making all that stuff.

4:00 Ryan and I head to town. My friend and Aunt (by marriage) has bought a new house. I wanted to see it. I was happy to see that Grandma and Grandpa were there helping. So, I got to see everyone + the house. Sweet!!!!!

4:50 Ryan and I go to the high school for registration. I was really overwhelmed by this for some reason. I'm sure it's because he is the first of my kids to do this. I am so glad that he is growing up so nicely but part of me would love to go back and do it all over again. Wow, the things I could do differently.

5:00 Registration has begun. I am in complete awe everytime the speaker says "High School". For Pete's sake, where did the time go? We were only able to pick three classes as the other four were mandatory. I was thankful that I only had to make three decisions. I wasn't mentally prepared to make a four-year plan. Rick has called twice to check on me. He really wanted to be there. Since it started at 5:00 and he works 30 minutes away, it just wasn't practical. I have everything under control.

Out of the three classes, we had to pick one math class. We had three options.
1. Pre-Algebra
2. Algebra 1
3. Geometry

He is in advanced Algebra this year and maintains an A-. So we bumped him up to Geometry. Since he has to have four math credits to graduate, he has to take an advanced math class every year of high school. I know that he will do fine, but I worry.

The other two choices were.......
Spanish (most universities require two years of foreign language). Since he is focused on MU right now, we will get Spanish out of the way.

The last choice was Ag 1. This really surprised me (and his dad). I was in Ag all four years of high school. I was even State Farmer my Senior Year. Deep down, I'm proud of him for making this choice.

6:00 I am mentally exhasted now. I stop by McDonald's to get the kids supper (bad mom) and head home. I enjoy time alone with Ryan in the car. I learn alot about him during these times. He told me about the thrills he gets turkey hunting. I didn't know how important this was to him.

6:25 I head back to town for a Sara Stafford's 21st birthday. Her dad is Rick's P.A. at the office. We have known them for almost as long as we have lived in Chillicothe. I feel like I have watched Sara grow up. It was fun but I realized that one margarita is really too much for me!!! I was loopy and giggly. I sat with them for over a hour and a half until my tingles went away.

8:30 I'm on my way home. I'm glad that the kids will still be up when I get home. Gracie has showered and all homework is done. Rick does such a nice job while I'm gone.

9:30 I hit the sack. I'm tired from the downhill rush of the margarita and all the work that I did today. I know that tomorrow will be "filled to the brim" with more work. Nite-nite.

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