April 6, 2010

Easter photos

I wanted to finish posting the Easter photos from last weekend. It seems that I've been in a huge hurry all week. Blogging has slipped in the priority list. Run, run, run. You all know how it is!!!!! $%(#@! Yikes, did I say that?
CANDY...... CANDY..... CANDY!!! (That's all I'm going to say about that. arggg)
The bunnies arrived and Gracie was one super happy camper!
She named the darker of the two Cookies and Cream (we will call him Cookie), the other is Nibbles.
Rick and I nieces, Courtney and Allie.
Rick and his Momma
Rick's cousins, Bode and his momma, Brenda and Crystal.
Gracie hates her new haircut but I LOOOOVVVVEEE it.
Rick's family hanging out on the front porch. It was the prettiest Easter I can remember in ages.
Rick and Ian having a dual. Pretty sure that Ian won.

Ian now hides from the camera. He covers his face, turns his back to me, and runs away. I have my ways though. I'm super sneaky with the photographs!!!
Crystal and Bode
Rick's mom and dad wanted a photo of all the grandkids. They are all at this "I'm way too cool for pictures" age. It was pure torture for them. This is outtake #1

You get the idea.

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