April 22, 2010

A Week In My Life (day 3)

6:30 Crawl out of bed. I am surprisingly not as tired as I imagined I would be. It was a pretty short day but I'm ready to tackle today.
The coffee helps

6:30 I figured the kids would want 20 extra minutes of sleep. I decided to take them to school. I have already showered. I go upstairs to pick out clothes for Gracie and wake up the boys.

7:30 The boys get dropped off first since Ryan has a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. Ian also has a planning meeting for Fellowship of Christian Althletes. I love that they are involved in this program. It's so worthwhile.

8:00 I'm back home. I begin uploading photos from yesterday. I blog until it's time to leave.

9:00 It's time to head to church. I cook every Wednesday for Fellowship dinner. I've done this for three years now. It's a volunteer position with very little recognition. However, I love the new (lifelong friends) that I have made. Around this time of year I begin to be weary of going. I am looking forward to the Summer break.
9:15 As I pull into the church parking lot, I notice all the lilacs and cherry blossoms. I want to capture how beautiful they are. I realize that this time next week, they will probably be gone.

This is my friend Karen. She, Alicia and I are the only ones cooking this morning. Usually we have another gal named Terri with us. Our help has been short-handed this year. It' a difficult meal so we don't have the fun today that we normally do.
This is Alicia. I call her my "Kitchen Mommy".

We are making:
Mashed potatoes (this means we peel and chop 80 pounds of potatoes)
Salad (with fresh veggies)
Green Beans and
Assorted cakes (Alicia always is the cake master. We had at least 7 or 8 kinds)
all of this will feed 250+ people tonight.
2 and a half flats of strawberries that had to be rinsed, stemmed and chopped
oodles and oodles of noodles
This was a fudge marble cake that I made. I was especially proud of the pattern. We iced it so no one was able to see. I'm glad I took a picture.
pineapple upside down cake
and pound cakes
This is the lower entrance to our church. We call it the C.L.C. entrance (Christian Life Center) I spend lots of time here. I am taking a mental note to take more photos of it.

12:00 The "Church Ladies" decide to go to Golden Corral. It's quick and everyone can get what they want.

12:50 I leave to go tan at Sophisticuts. I need to get brown for my Florida trip.

1:15 I go home to let Gus go potty, switch laundry, etc.

2:30 I leave to get my hair done. It is a process that smooths my hair. My hair tends to be frizzy in the summers. This is the second time I've done it.
Grandpa also helps me run Ryan to the dentist. He has a check-up on his braces and a cleaning.
4:00 I get home and gather up the kids to head back to church

5:00 Church dinner

6:00 Nancy and I lead girl's group. They were wild tonight. These are the nights when I wonder why I do this.

7:00 I get Ryan and Gracie and head home.

7:10 The reason why I am attempting this week-long challenge is so I will remember . Yet, there are occasions when you don't want to remember. This evening was one of those times. One of Gracie's bunnies died. It was Nibbles.

She was upset beyond words. I thought about the photographs that I am supposed to be taking, but I couldn't. I needed to be mommy at that moment. We buried Nibbles and I put my arm around Gracie while we swung on the porch swing. I hugged her what seems like a hundred times.

Her heart was broken because of her bunny. My heart was broken because hers was.

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