December 27, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Once again, we had a white Christmas.  It just doesn't seem like the holidays without it.  
Just for the record........ I like snow on Christmas, then that's it!!!  I'm done!!!  No more!!!

 Dana got a new camera from D.R..  Now between her and I, EVERYTHING will be captured on camera.  No one is safe!  We even found a moment to photograph each other taking pictures.  
 Miles got a Lightning McQueen scooter car from Bob-Bob and Grandma Char. 
 Dana serenaded us to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".  Too bad I didn't video that.
Christmas evening we headed to Rick's parents for a little r & r (a.k.a. CARDS!)  We played a game called 2500.  I was glad to see that there is finally a game that Larry cannot win.  
 We opened presents the next afternoon the Smith crew.  

Ryan's top presents:
1. xbox 360 (plus games)
2. Paintball gun and supplies
3. Affliction shirts

Ian's top presents:
1. xbox 360 (plus games)
2. paintball gun and supplies
3. air rifle with scope

Gracie's top presents:
1. ipod touch
2. DS lite XL
3. an American Girl doll 

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