December 16, 2010

3 posts in 1

Because my mind flitters from here to there in less than .05 seconds, I am combining several topics into one post.  I'm doing this mostly because I'm lazy, and that's how I roll!

 It's been frigid outside this week.  And since I have a soft spot for T-bone, I've been letting him inside off and on.  He has enjoyed the spoiling and makes himself at home.  Smack dab in the middle of my kitchen work space!  Sorry about the distasteful camera angle in the above photo.  I tried to edit it, but finally decided......... IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!
  There is no chance of working with this road block.  Especially when Gus decided that he didn't like T-bone getting all the camera shots.
 So, Gus stood on T-bone's gut until he got up.  That was the end of that!  

switch of subject matter warning:

Tuesday was Ian's holiday concert.  I must confess that he was NOT thrilled by the idea!  He wasn't thrilled that he had to wear his Dad's pants....... shoes........ and socks.  He was especially NOT thrilled when I told him he MUST tuck in his shirt!  It wasn't an option!!  Ian, you look so much like your Daddy, it scares me!  
This is how Ryan entertained himself during the program.  

The last switch of subject matter:

The 16th of December.......... WOW!

It seems so cliche' to say, "How time flies?".  I guess that it is said for a reason, time DOES fly by.

I'm still trying to understand how I can be in my middle 30's 20's.  (he he)

It was yesterday that my children were born.

I look in the mirror and see creases that weren't there the other day.  (thank goodness Rick is going to a botox seminar in Feb.)

Either way, here we are,  December of 2010.  Smack dab in the center of another Christmas season.  The words hustle and bustle seem too fun.  I wonder what people would say if I shouted, "I'm in the lunacy and craziness of Christmas!", instead of hustle and bustle.  After all, I looked up the definition of bustle and it says, "briskly energetic activity".  Who the heck is energetic?  I'm not even close.  Then I went out on a limb and looked up hustle.  It says very similarly, "to work energetically".

Nope, not me.
I'm tired (in case you're curious, the definition for tired is), 1. exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or [my favorite] freshness.  2. lacking in freshness or originality [as my blog readers often discover]  3. having one's patience, tolerance or pleasure exhausted [no comment].  

 Just so you don't get the wrong idea, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I love what it stands for!  I love being busy!

Yesterday was our annual Christmas Dessert Buffet at church.  It's our biggest meal of the year and people have come to expect an amazing spread!  In order to get everything done in time, we make several things the day before in our own kitchens.  I made the cheesecakes below.  (click on the links for recipes)

I ALWAYS use a water bath for my cheesecakes.  I find this makes a moister cheesecake with no cracks.  Make sure to surround your spring-form pan in aluminum foil first.  This prevents water seeping into your pan.

Many of our desserts came from the TASTE OF HOME Cheesecakes and More magazine.  You can purchase yours at most retail stores or here.  

 There it is!  3 posts in 1.  Didn't think it could be done, did ya?  Doubted my ability, didn't ya?  Don't really care, do ya?  (he he)

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